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"EdCamp" is coming to Abu Dhabi this weekend, Saturday, February 23, at Glenelg School.  


Participants will be part of a Global Movement where attendees are the presenters who share ideas, strategies, new technologies and information about teaching and learning. 

The beauty of the concept is that it's open and free and attendees are free to roam around until they find something that interests them.  The workshops and discussions are active and engaging.  Not only that, it's a great opportunity for individuals to collaborate and network in a meaningful way.  It's a new take on teacher conferences where the speaker is the only recognized "expert" in the room.  

Last May, EdCamp was launched in the UAE in Dubai.  It brought together an eclectic mix of educators from all backgrounds as well as community members who were interested in contributing.  There were lively discussions about what education should look like in the future, how literacy should be taught and how teachers can use new technologies in their classrooms.  One of the most interesting discussions was from a home-schooled student who talked about her own learning journey with her sister and how the traditional education system didn't work for them.  

The events of the day are not clearly laid out in nice, neat schedule.  A list of experts is not provided.  It's a day where anything can happen-new collaborations can be made and big ideas developed but…it's all up to the attendees to make it happen!

EdCamp Abu Dhabi is on Saturday, February 23rd, from 8:00-2:00pm with networking and lunch.  It is organized by the team at KDSL Free!  All you need to do is Register here:

You can find out more about EdCamp Abu Dhabi here:

Find out more about KDSL (Know.Do.Serve.Learn), a global educational consultancy:

Watch a Short Video about the EdCamp phenomenon here:



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