Bilingual and Multilingual Learners (BMLs) are the Fastest-Growing Student Group in the World Today

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IngeniousEd. has developed the Insitute for Educators of BMLs with the aim of providing high-quality training for teachers around the world. The Institute offers certified courses designed to provide teachers with the expertise they need to become skilled in new teaching strategies, empowered with the right knowledge and confident to make sound decisions about BMLs. 

The Institute provides courses in a blended-learning format in order to reach educators from around the globe. Courses are based on the book, Bilingual and Multilingual Learners from the Inside-Out: Elevating Expertise in Classrooms and Beyond, written by Alison Schofied and Francesca McGeary of IngeniousEd. 

Participants learn through a mix of self-study, in-school case-studies and strategy try-outs along with rich learning activities and online interaction. These courses provide comprehensive, high-level training and professional development  in order to help schools with the growing number of bilingual and multilingual learners entering mainstream education. 

For more information about the Institute for Educators of BMLs or to see the courses available, visit our dedicated website: