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Is Your Child Reading Enough to Make Good Progress?

After mastering speech, learning to read is one of most important feats an individual will ever achieve. At around 4-5 years old when children are becoming emergent readers, they are learning howRead More…

guided reading

How Good Schools Programme for Literacy Success

Image credit: http://hil.troy.k12.mi.us/staff/bnewingham/myweb3/guided_reading.htm Sometimes after speaking with educators and parents, I get a sense that the most foundational goals of education (reading and writing) are missing in the day-to-day routines of many schools.  When aRead More…

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What do “Good Readers” do when they Read?

Children who are considered "good readers" consistently perform developed and mastered strategies as they read.  This allows them to gain full comprehension and meaning from a book or text.  On the other hand, children whoRead More…